Live Event .GIF Coverage

Before the 2013 Screen Actors Guild award show, I was asked by Cosmopolitan if I could do a "live giffing" of the event. Using a TV tuner attatched to an HDTV box, I captured recordings of the events, brought them into Adobe After Effects, and edited them into fun animated .GIFs on the fly, which were then posted on both Cosmo's website and their tumblr. A year later, Esquire approached me for a similar service.

The kinds of .GIFs made vary from unedited shocking moments, to highly edited visual jokes, to funny unintetnial background moments. Ultimately, the goal was to create memorable coverage that stood out from similar social media coverage in both quality and content.  Check out a small sampling of .GIFs below:

For some of the events, I also created quick animate logos of the event we were about to cover, in order to draw attention to the coverage: