My current favorite social network, home to my most recent casual work. Be warned: there are some VERY big .gif files here!


Photography, videography, and occasional animations!


Animations, jokes, curated content, and bad takes.


Tumblr's not dead. Mostly curated and older content.

My older art portfolio. Currently undergoing a redesign.


I was born in Nashville, TN, and relocated to the Northeast to attend Hampshire College. During my senior year at at Hampshire I was introduced to the (now defunct) internet art community a real-time image sharing chatroom frequented by Internet and New Media artists. It was through dump that I first learned how to make animated gifs, first on GIMP, then Photoshop, and then eventually After Effects.

After graduating from Hampshire, I worked as a campaign organizer and social media coordinator for the startup non-profit Fight for the Future. I transitioned to motion graphics design full-time in 2013, and have since worked for Cosmopolitan Magazine, Esquire, Giphy, and Electric Objects.

I've also made a lot of art both for myself and for/with other artists. In 2011 I became one of the members of the Tight Artist Net Gang, which submitted work to group shows in Florida, England, and Vermont. In 2012 I created the 5 star page with Mary Rachel Kostreva for Brian Droitcour's Fifteen Stars at The New Museum.

If you'd like to see a full list of clients, jobs, and works created please e-mail me!